softies wipes antiseptic 20s cvs prescription

CVS Health Sensitive Cleansing Wipes, 64CT - CVS Pharmacy- softies wipes antiseptic 20s cvs prescription ,6.3 x 7.9 inches. Real fabric cloths. Ultra strong & soft. Hypoallergenic alcohol free. Now for sensitive skin. CVS Health Sensitive Cleansing Wipes are ultra-soft, real fabric cloths. Each wipe is premoistened with a mild cleansing solution containing chamomile to condition your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.Smith & Nephew IV Prep Antiseptic Wipes ... - CVS Pharmacy20 Packs of 50 Each = 100 Wipes. Clear formula. Single use packaging. Effective. Easy to apply. Dries quickly. Reduces bacterial contamination. Cost-effective. Indications: Antiseptic wipe. For preparation of the skin prior to a ventipuncture or injection.