repurpose ideas for clorox wipes container

Uses for Disinfectant Wipe Containers | ThriftyFun- repurpose ideas for clorox wipes container ,Question: Craft Ideas Using Clorox and Lysol Wipe Containers? By Sharon [2 Posts] April 13, 2006. Does anyone have any craft ideas for cleaning wipe containers (such as Clorox, Lysol)? I use a lot of them and would like to be able to use the containers for something? Advertisement. Thanks, s0128g from Newark, DE.Stop! Never Throw Out These 9 Highly Useful Containers2. Baby Wipes Boxes. Baby wipes boxes are an extremely versatile container to have on hand. Personally, I use one to store my reusable fabric softener sheets. (Check out the link below to learn how to make them!) The baby wipes box keeps them nice and tidy, and I think the lid helps keep the fabric softener scent from dissipating too.