tempered glass wet and dry wipes coupons

Up To 25% Off on Full Coverage Tempered Glass ...- tempered glass wet and dry wipes coupons ,Clean the phone screen thoroughly using the wet & dry wipes before installation. Before applying it to LG G8 Thinq, peel off the soft protective layer from the screen protector. If bubbles are present, use a squeegee or a hard card to push the bubbles from the center to the edge of the phone screen.4 Easy Steps To Apply Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Tmbr.Remove The Dust - Open the dry wipe from package 2 and begin wiping the screen from top to bottom while looking at the screen from different angles again while looking for the smallest dust particles. If a dust particle is left on the screen, it could potentially cause the tempered glass to have a bubble once placed on the screen.