ipa alcohol wipes for disinfecting sanitizing

Why 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Is a Better Disinfectant Than 99 ...- ipa alcohol wipes for disinfecting sanitizing ,"Isopropyl alcohol 99 percent is pure isopropanol and isopropyl alcohol 70 percent is pure isopropanol diluted with 30 percent purified water by volume," explains Dr. Lucky Sekhon, fertility specialist and board certified OBGYN in New York City."Isopropyl alcohol 70 percent, or isopropyl alcohol 99 percent diluted to 70 percent with purified water, kills organisms by denaturing their proteins.How to Disinfect With Isopropyl Alcohol (Coronavirus) [70% ...70% isopropyl alcohol is the most diluted solution that still lies within the optimal concentration range recommended by the CDC. For these 3 reasons: stability, effectiveness, and safety. And because of my experience in engineering applications. I go with 70% isopropyl alcohol whenever disinfecting at home. Isopropyl Alcohol Safety Measures