safest baby wipes uk 2017

safest baby wipes uk 2017 - safest baby wipes uk 2017 ,safest baby wipes uk 2017. Wipes - September 2016 - BabyCenter Australia- safest baby wipes uk 2017 ,Wipes: Hi ladies Which wipes do you recommend?Currently using Gaia which we like ( and is paraben free) but just read an article about other chemicals in some wipes and just what the safer/safest wipes would be.Aldi toilet wipes certified as 'fine to flush' by Water UKMore than 14.8 billion baby wipes are used in the UK every year, many of which end up in waterways, oceans and wastewater systems. In fact, wet wipes made up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages investigated by Water UK in 2017. Further investigations by the body found that wipes are now found in 60 to 75% of sewer blockages.